Monday, January 20, 2014


Eventually is almost the same as saying finally... but not exactly. We use eventually when we want to imply that something will happen after a long wait. If you want to say that something is the last of the sequence of steps, you would use finally. Some alternatives for eventually: In the end, after some time, in the long run, one day, some day, at some point, at the end of the day. In Portuguese eventually is not the same as "eventualmente" (occasionally)... It is a false cognate. 

1. Are you one of those people who eventually gets out of bed after hitting the snooze button at least a dozen times? 

2. How do you know when it is time to let go of a dream? Some people are eventually hit with the realization that their dreams are too ambitious, especially if they are not proactive. Do you think your dreams are realistic? 

3. Do you think that corrupt politicians will eventually get caught out… or will they always "get away with murder"? 

4. After many months of cold showers, I eventually had an electric water heater installed. 

5. Have you ever procrastinated about something for so long and then eventually decided to do something about it, only to realize how simple and easy it was? 

6. When you are explaining something, do you get to the point… or do you eventually get your idea across after painstakingly going through all the details and looking at something from all angles? 

7. If you don't keep your computer or mobile device clutter-free, eventually you are going to run out of space. Do you regularly delete files, photos, videos etc. that you don't need? Do you save all of your WhatsApp conversations? 

8. Sometimes I wonder whether the leaning Tower of Pisa will eventually fall over. What things do you wonder about? 

9. In the fairytale about Rapunzel… her hair grew longer and longer until eventually people could climb the tower using her hair. How nice!

10. In the classic movie, "The Shawshank Redemption", with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, The character that Tim Robbins plays, uses a tiny pick to dig through his prison cell wall, bit by bit, until he eventually digs a tunnel to freedom. 


  1. Wether it's today or a year down the line, someone, somewhere will eventually leave a comment here.

    1. Hey Frank, your comments are the best! hahaha Glad that you are writing again for the blog. Welcome back! Everything here is fantastic. Congrats!

    2. Thanks Iramaia... but somehow I don't think your weather in SP is as fantastic as ours in the NE!

  2. Thanks for your contributions. They're great and very useful. I like them very much. Keep up the good work.

  3. I think the idiomatic expression "at the end of the day" is what you hear a lot in spoken English nowadays. By the way, the only thing that's bugging me on your site is this Twitter bird. It always follows the cursor and sits in the comment box. Cheeky little bugger ;-)

    1. Haha! It is kind of irritating, isn't it!? I will consider getting rid of it...

  4. Don't want to come off as conceited, stuck-up or full of myself, but I know that I will eventually have fluency in English.