Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Accomplish/ accomplishment... Achieve/ achievement

Accomplish/accomplishment is a synonym for achieve/achievement. When you reach or obtain a goal, a dream or an objective, it is an accomplishment. Don't get confused with the false cognate (in Spanish and Portuguese) "realize".

1. Most parents would agree that their biggest accomplishment in life is raising their children. We sacrifice and pour a lot of love, time and effort into our children's lives.

2. Do you have any accomplishments that you're proud of? Sometimes, for me, just getting out of bed in the morning is an accomplishment.

3. If someone has achieved great things in their professional life or elsewhere, we can say that they are accomplished. Who is the most accomplished person that you personally know?

4. When someone reaches a milestone, that in itself is an achievement. A milestone is defined as, "a significant event in one's life or project." In karate, every time you change the color belt and go up a level, it is a milestone. In one's life, here are some general milestones: graduating from high school or university, your first job, getting married, your first wedding anniversary, having children…

5. I wonder why we usually congratulate people when it is their birthday... as if it were a huge achievement. All we have to do is survive another year to hear somebody say, "congratulations!"

6. I feel that getting my driver’s license in another country (and another language) is a huge accomplishment. The rules of the road are the same everywhere… but passing a tricky multiple-choice test in a foreign language is quite an achievement.

7. My skydiving instructor has more than 4,000 jumps under his belt. One of his achievements, he told me, was taking part in a world record breaking formation in the United States. What have you got under your belt?

8. Luke Skywalker's greatest achievement was facing his fears and resisting the dark side of the force. It was more of an internal struggle than the physical feat.

9. One of my greatest achievements in life was training my daughter to use the potty instead of diapers. I used a special chart with gold stars to reward and motivate her every time she used the potty.

10. "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?" Sometimes people's accomplishments and achievements come at a high-cost, or to the detriment of other more important things in life. Is your professional success more important than your health?


  1. Great post, as usual So far. I hadn't know how to use these words properly;

    1. Don't forget "milestones" either! I'm glad that you're picking up a little bit here and there Sergio!