Friday, March 28, 2014

Blend in

If someone blends in, they become inconspicuous/ less noticeable.. they don’t stand out. They look natural in their environment or even “camouflaged”.

1.      Chameleons, as everyone knows, have the unique ability to blend in to their environment.

2.      When you travel to another city or state in your country, can you successfully blend in, or do people know that you are “not from that neck of the woods” because your appearance or accent stands out?

3.      When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”  If you want to blend in while in another culture, you may have to imitate their customs and habits. For example, in India, Turkey and some Middle Eastern countries they consider it good manners to burp after a meal as a sign of appreciation.

4.      When you go to the beach, do you like to blend in to the crowd or do you like to stand out by the bikini you wear, the music you play or the activities you do?

5.      When I eat Pizza in public in Brazil, I should use a knife and fork if I want to blend in. I once ate with my hands at a Pizza Hut, and many people kept glancing at me… or was it just my imagination?!  

6.      It is almost impossible for me to blend in when I catch a bus, go to Centro, eat at a “lanchonete”, go to a hairdresser, buy coconut water, etc. Sometimes I just want to be a local and blend in.  

7.      If people who are not from Fortaleza want to blend in, they usually need to dress down and wear more casual clothes in general. Shorts and flip-flops are the status quo here in the Northeast. 

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