Wednesday, March 12, 2014

So far...

 “So far” means: until now/ up to this moment/ up to the present moment. Saying this gives us the idea that something is still not complete… it is ongoing or continuing. (Até o momento/ Até à data/ Até agora)

1. Are you happy with your English classes so far? In other words, are you happy with your progress so far? Do you think you will ever perfect your English?

2. If you are positive about your progress in anything and you want to express that you are satisfied or happy with something, you can say, “So far so good!” It is usually given as a response to, “How are things going?

3. - How is your job interview process going?
- So far so good… I just have to pass through the English interview now!

4. Of the R$165,000,000 that was stolen from the Central Bank in Fortaleza, Brazil in 2005, only R$20,000,000 has been recovered so far, which was apparently left on purpose by the robbers as a red herring (distraction).

5. How many ministers has Brazil's president, Dilma fired so far? Do you think she still needs to fire some more?

6. -This movie is taking forever to download because there are very few “seeds”. So far it is only at 47%.

7. So far, what items on your “bucket list” (list of life goals) have you already achieved/ accomplished?

8. I want to visit all of the beaches in Ceará (Northeast of Brazil). So far I have only been to: Praia do Futuro, Prainha, Morro Branco, Praia das Fontes, Jericoacoara, Cumbuco, Canoa Quebrada... and last but not least, Praia de Iraçema and Beira Mar.

9. What project(s) are you working on at the moment, and what have you done so far?

10. The conflict in Syria escalated into a full-scale civil war some time back... and so far the UN has done practically nothing of significance to help the people of Syria.

11. Brazil has a few months to go until we host the Soccer World Cup. How do you think we are doing so far with the preparations? 

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