Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Get + adjective

When we use the combination get + adjective, the verb “get” means “become”.

1.       Children get excited about everything. As we get older we get excited about fewer and fewer things. That’s sad! What do you usually get excited about these days?

2.      Most of the time I watch a really boring movie right until the end while I wait for it to get interesting.

3.      The only women in the world you can say, “You’re getting fat” to are your sisters. I wouldn’t recommend saying that to anyone else. You have been warned!

4.      When you get hungry between meals, do you snack on sweets/ candy and other junk food, or do you look for something a little healthier. What would you consider a healthy snack?

5.      When I used to get embarrassed I would (used to) blush and go red… but now I am able to hide the fact that I am feeling awkward, and I can face the world.

6.      Sometimes I get stressed out about the most inconsequential things. If you’re like me, would you be honest in a job interview or psychological test and admit that you get frustrated over tiny things?
7.      Speaking English gets easier the more you try. Do you sometimes get despondent (discouraged) with your ability to communicate effectively in another language? If you do, you can join the club.

8.      Do you think it’s true that people usually get lazy after they get married?

9.      In the modern world we live in, do you think things are generally getting better or worse? There’s a saying which goes, “Things usually get worse before they get better”. Why is that?

10.  As a kid, my favorite time of day was at dusk. I would play outside until it got dark.


  1. 8 . I think this is true. Most of the people I know got really lazy after they got married or found a partner. However, after breaking up with them they started to work out more often and worry more about their physical appearance. A friend of mine lost 20Kg after breaking up with his girlfriend.