Monday, March 10, 2014

On second thought...

We use this expression when we change our minds or our opinion on a topic. Also if we have doubts or are not sure of something. Usually we say this after we've had a little time to think about something. We might make a change to our plans.

1. If you are in doubt about something and are reconsidering your first thought about something, we say that you are "second guessing yourself". If you are doing a multiple-choice question and you say to yourself, "On second thought, maybe it's letter B…", you are second guessing yourself.

2. Have you ever decided to buy something, and upon discovering the price, you say to yourself, "On second thought, maybe I will go for the other model."? Perhaps when choosing a cell phone, a laptop or any other costly product?

3. I asked one of my students whether he thought making a car bulletproof was a good idea if you live in the dangerous city. He responded, "It only keeps you safe while you're in the car… But how about when you're getting into your car or getting out of your car?" On second thought, maybe it's not worth it.

4. Sometimes we change our minds because we are presented with new information. Let's say I'm planning an outdoor excursion, like a trip down the coast... and I see on the weather report that there is an 80% chance of rain showers. I could change my plans and say, "On second thought, maybe we could go to the movies today."

5. Maybe you have been planning to buy an iPhone… And you heard about the recent security flaw in iOS 7... You might say to yourself like some people have, "On second thought, perhaps I'll go for the new Samsung Galaxy."

6. Sometimes people might feel embarrassed to admit that they had a change of heart, opinion or plans... It's easier to say, "On second thought…" than it is to say, "You're right…" Do you stubbornly stick to your ideas and thoughts, or do you have an open mind? It's okay to say to somebody, "On second thought, maybe that's not such a bad idea."

7. When we are weighing our options, it is commonplace to go back and forth and change our minds until we come to a decision we're happy with. In that sense, "But maybe…" is the same as saying, "On second thought…" – I really feel like a Subway sandwich, plus it's a healthier option than McDonald's... On second thought, they're probably still using that chemical that goes into yoga mats in their bread (Azodiacarbonamide)

8. Typically, most people believe that by "multitasking" they are making the best use of their time and being productive. Recently, after reading some interesting articles on the topic, I had to say to myself, "On second thought, maybe I've been doing this all wrong... maybe it is better to focus on just one thing at a time.":

9. When we say, "On second thought…", often we are really thinking out aloud, so people can hear our thought process. Do you have the habit of thinking out loud?


  1. This is really really hilarious!!!!
    Cynthia a huge new fan :)

  2. Thanks Cynthia... Although the artwork (comics) are not mine :-)
    I'm glad you liked the post!