Friday, March 14, 2014

Some + noun

When we use this structure, we are emphasizing either how extreme something is/ was, or how incredible it is/ was. It could be positive or negative depending on your tone and the situation.

1. During a trip in Central America I climbed up an active volcano in Guatemala called Volcan Pacaya. It was some climb!... You need to be fit to do that climb. The views were spectacular at sunset. It was some trip!

2. I’ve heard most people who watched the last Marvel Comics movie, “The Avengers” say, “Man! That was some movie!” The special effects are awesome and the dialogue is pretty humorous too.

3. We’ve all had days that we thought would never end because they were so long and difficult. At the end of the day you can say, “This was some day!”

4. If you think someone has done something crazy or extreme or if you want to express your frustration about someone in a very diplomatic way, you can say, “He’s some piece of work”.

5. If you want to compliment someone on something really nice they have or a phenomenal talent they have, you could say, “Some house you’ve got!”/ “That’s some car you’ve got!”/ “Some voice you’ve got.”

6. You will often hear in movies, “You’ve got some nerve…” in lines such as, “You’ve got some nerve coming here/ showing your face here”. You are telling someone that they dared to show up (appear) after something shameful they had done. Another way of saying it is, “You have a lot of nerve…” which is in line with our definition above.

7. When there are natural disasters or heavy storms you could say, “That was some Tsunami/ earthquake/ tornado/ hurricane/ storm etc, especially if it has done a lot of damage.