Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Are you kidding?

If you are kidding with someone, you are joking with them. If you ask someone, “Are you kidding me?”, it’s the same as asking, “Are you serious?”

1. - I’m sorry – I just deleted all the photos on your camera!
    - Are you kidding me?
    - I’m so sorry… I just pressed this button by accident.

2. - What!? – You lost the car keys?!
    - I’m just kidding, I have them here in my pocket.

3. I read today that Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, was afraid of the dark. I’m not kidding! When asked once if he was afraid of anything, he replied "I am afraid of the dark." Thomas Edison died Oct.18, 1931, with all the lights on in his New Jersey home.

4. “Estou brincando” - in Portuguese
   “Je plaisante” or “je rigole” - in French
   “Estoy bromeando” or “ Estoy jugando” – in Spanish
   “Scherzo! ” or “Sto scherzando! ” – in Italian


  1. How do you say this in your own language?

  2. In Russian - "Ты шутишь?" or "Ты это серьёзно?"

  3. Another way to say it in Russian - "Ты прикалываешься?"

  4. thank you for sending me this phrase.

  5. this is very well and is way simple to learn phrasel verb

    Josue Gonzalez

  6. If it ever gets too complicated, please let me know :)