Thursday, July 7, 2011

Turn (something) up/ Crank up


If you turn (something) up, you increase the power, intensity or volume of something - normally an electronic or electric device. The opposite of turn up is: turn down. A more informal synonym would be the phrasal verb “crank up”. It’s possible to say “crank down”, but it’s not used.

1. Can you turn the fan up please, the mosquitoes are still biting me?

2. I wish they would turn the air conditioning up in here, it’s boiling hot!

3. Everyone likes to crank up the music when their favorite song is playing.

4. Can you turn up the volume, I can’t heat the TV so well?

5. In colder countries in winter you need to turn the central heating of the house up especially when there is a cold front passing.

6. When you want to ask someone for a favor, it’s a good idea to “turn up the charm” and be a little friendlier ;)


  1. Can you think of anything else that you can turn up... or down?

  2. Hi Frank!
    I am glad you are back after a little break ;) Love your blog! I've been living in the USA for quite a long time now (originally I am from Europe) and almost consider English my native language :) But I read you with a great pleasure (found you through couchsurfing), sometimes discover new things! I love the examples you give - they are all great and make understanding and remembering the expressions so much easier!

    Thank you for your great job!!


  3. Hi Dina,
    Yes... I was gone for some time, wasn't I?!
    It's good to hear from you again, and I'm glad to know how much you appreciate my posts ;)

  4. "You have to turn up your voice when it's about talking to many people in public."

    Is it correct?

    Tks for the great tips everyday!

  5. Hi Aline... nice try, although it would be better to say "raise your voice" or "speak up". Usually turn (something) up is for an electronic or electric device. The only exception I could think of was my last example, "turn up the charm"... maybe there are others, but they would be exceptions. You're welcome! I'm glad to have you around!

  6. Thanks, Frank!

    So... let's try again...

    "If my grandma were here, I'd turn the fan down because she doesn't like the noise it makes."

  7. Perfect! My wife likes the noise the fan makes... she can hardly sleep without it, so she likes to turn the fan up.