Friday, July 29, 2011

Grow on (me)


If something grows on you, it gradually becomes more pleasurable or acceptable to you. You begin to enjoy it more and more as you become accustomed to/ get used to it. If you like something or someone that you didn’t like at first, it has grown on you.

1. When I first went to live in Central America I was not used to eating rice and beans, plantains and eggs for breakfast. It was a strange combination for me, but slowly it started to grow on me – to the point where I now really love eating fried plantains for breakfast.

2. You can say that a culture or a place grows on you, the more you become familiar with and comfortable in your new surroundings.

3. South Korean movies have really grown on me. Until a few years ago I had never watched any, but since I saw “Windstruck” (2004), I have downloaded and watched a number of others. They have a great way of combining comedy and drama. Click here if you'd like the download torrent for "Windstruck".

4. Bebo Norman’s music always seems to have a touch of melancholy in it, but it grew on me from the moment I heard one of his first albums, “Big Blue Sky”.

5. I can’t wait for the 23rd season of “Survivor”, a reality TV series. The human drama, the physical and emotional endurance of the contestants and the strategy of the game have fascinated me. As you follow the progress of each season, certain personalities will grow on you as you start choosing your favorites – the people you would like to see go all the way to the end.


  1. Tell us anything that has grown on you over the years...

  2. When I was 15, I started enjoying The Beatles songs. However "The White Album" was about unpalatable music, at least that was I thought at first.But then after listening to it many times it grew on me. Not only that but it's become my favorite album.

  3. Nice example! I'm not a fan of the Beatles, but I guess there is still time for them to grow on me, right!?

  4. Is it correct to say - Berlin grew on me? When I moved here 2 months ago I could never imagine I would love the city (due to some reasons, e.g. huge size or architecture left from the Soviet times). Now, however, I believe I am living in a brilliant city full of live, great events and with awesome international atmosphere!

  5. Hi Rita... that's exactly what you want to say... "Berlin grew on me" or Berlin has grown on me... or Berlin has grown on me... you decide on the tense. So Berlin is full of life? That's good to know.