Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm all set

In the context of this comic strip, “I’m all set” means “I'm ok, I'm ready”. If you’re all set, you’re ready to do something. It could also mean, “No thanks, I’m fine, I don’t need any help” or “I’m finished”.

1. I think I’m all set… let me see… I’ve got my sun block, my beach hat, my flip flops, my sunglasses and a towel. Yep, I’m ready for the beach.

2. If you’re at a restaurant and a waiter asks you If you want to see the desert menu, you could say, “No thanks, I’m all set” if you are full and don’t want to eat any more or if you are ready to pay for the bill.

3. - Would you like a lift (a ride)? I’m heading (going) in that direction.
    - No thanks, I’m all set , I’m going to walk and get some fresh air.

4. - Are you all set for your trip to Europe tomorrow?
    - Yes, I’m all packed already. I’ve got my plane ticket and my passport all organized. I got my Schengen Visa last week, just in time! I’d say I’m all set.

5. Skype and Facebook have joined forces (combined their power/ influence) now. You can access Facebook from Skype and vice versa. You’re all set to skype (contact) your Facebook friends directly from your Facebook account.


  1. Are you all set (ready) do do anything? Write a comment below, like this:
    "I'm all set to..... "

  2. I'm all set to the winter coming, because I don't like summer heat. :) I mean, it'd be great to have lots of snow, and I'm all set to have fun in winter!

  3. I prefer the heat! I'm all set here in Fortaleza.