Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Push (someone) around

To push (someone) around is to intimidate, threaten, or hurt someone who is weaker than you, especially if you are stronger or are in a position of power. A “bully” is a person who pushes others around, especially physically. Bullies are common at school. Also if someone is being dictated to or “bossed/ ordered around”, that person is being pushed around.

1. Does your boss push you around and give you orders all the time or is he/ she reasonable?

2. Bullying is really common at many schools. The usual scenario is a bigger kid pushing a smaller kid around, however, in this famous bullying incident in Sydney Australia, it is a smaller kid who pushes a much bigger kid around… and unexpectedly the bigger kid defends himself and retaliates:

3. Minority groups many times feel that they are being pushed around and don’t have the same rights as other people in the country.

4. Bob Marley believed that people in society should stand up for their rights if they are being pushed around. Here is the song and lyrics:

5. When you were younger, did your older siblings (brothers or sisters) push you around, or were you the older sibling that pushed your younger siblings around?

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