Monday, July 11, 2011

Get along with (someone)

If you get along with someone, you have a good relationship or are friendly with that person.

1. North and South Korea have never gotten along. They do not see eye to eye on anything (agree with one another) – that’s why the two countries exist to begin with.

2. People in South Africa seem to be getting along a little better after the fall of Apartheid, although getting along with other races is an individual choice.

3. Why is it so difficult for everyone in a multicultural society to get along with one another?

4. Many people believe that the French and the English don’t get along, but could it just be a stereotype? Historically they have some hard feelings towards one another; however, when the chips are down (in difficult times when it really counts) they support one another. Also, they built the English Channel Tunnel together.

5. “To get along like a house on fire” is an idiomatic expression which means to get along very well: The famous outlaws and robbers, Bonnie and Clyde, got along like a house on fire.


  1. Do you have any examples of 2 countries that get along really well?

  2. Hi Frank!

    I've come across your blog not long ago, and I like it much! Thanks for the posts.

    Regarding two countries that get along really well, I think they are the USA and Canada.

  3. Thanks Eugene... I hope you share my blog with some of your friends who are learning English. See you around...

  4. Even though Czechodlovakia has been separated, both the Czech republik and the Slovakia republic get along with eachother. Right???

    Kateřina Peřinová

  5. Hi Katerina, the grammar is correct, but I don't know much about the Czech Republic and Slovakia... if those 2 countries have a good relationship and communicate well, then they definitely get along. Thanks for the example!

  6. This blog is so nice.... Thank´s a lot!

    Força E Luz · Curitiba, Brazil

  7. I hope you find it useful :)