Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bring home the bacon

To bring home the bacon is to make a living and provide for yourself and your family, to earn money. If someone says that they are bringing home the bacon, they may be implying that they make a good income/ earn a lot of money.

1. I really enjoy my work as an English teacher… it’s a great way to bring home the bacon.

2. When any country has a high unemployment rate and there are not enough jobs to go around (not enough for everyone) it becomes more and more difficult for many people to bring home the bacon.

3. These days both parents usually need to go out and work to bring home the bacon. What do you think about the traditional role of the “man of the house” – Is it his responsibility to bringing home the bacon?

4. Do you remember when you first started working and bringing home the bacon? You probably earned peanuts (very little money) but I’m sure that it gave you a greater sense of independence.

5. When I was at university I used to work as a waiter. It’s not a glamorous job, but at least I was able to bring home the bacon.


  1. How do you bring home the bacon? (tell me some of your professions)

  2. Hi Frank.

    I am a software developer. My main direction is software for mobile devices at the moment. That's how I bring home the bacon, even though it's not much and it's just the beginning.
    A big advantage of the occupation is that one can work at a company remotely from any place with internet, or even work at yourself.

    And I wish all of the blog's readers to keep bringing home as much bacon as you could carry with you! :)

  3. Hey Eugene, I took a look at your blog... it was difficult to understand... that's why I teach English to bring home the bacon and not develop software!
    I wish I could carry home my weight in gold!

  4. I'm pretty sure that you do bring home the bacon, this is your bread and butter. ;P

  5. Yep, my bread and butter comes from teaching conversational English.